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Ford Fiesta 1.4 tdci ​​​​​​​ help help help!

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I have a Ford Fiesta mk6 1.4 tdci 2009 van that is running lumpy and recently went into limp mode. It sounds like it’s running on 3 cylinders.

first I removed the air box to get  access to the injectors. I then started the car to see if I could feel the injectors pulsing/buzzing. I could feel number 1 2 3 working but not number 4 so...

 After plugging in and scanning I found the code p1204 (injector 4 circuit open/shorted) So I tested the injector loom and all injectors with a multimeter. I was getting a lower reading on the number 4 injector. So all tests was pointing to a Bad injector.

I replaced the injector 4 with a used Injector and the p0204 fault went but now the car will not start.

So I went ahead and discontent the 4th injector plug and it’s started strait up but when connected it will not start

aslo when the number 4 injector is Connected I get a new fault code  p0213 (cold start injector 1) and when disconnected the code goes.

could the po213 code stop it from starting?? Is there a cold start injector If so where can I find it?? 

Any help would be appreciated 


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thanks for the reply. 

i have not yet coded the injector

To be honest I thought the 1.4 tdci injectors didn’t need coding.

I have a Delphi vci running Delphi cars 2017 and have just give that a try and I can not find any option for injector coding.

do the 1.4 tdci definitely need coding?? If so I will get it done.

After researching on other forms, some say yes and some say no. I’m stuck on what to do next. 





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