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2018 galaxytithium X 2.0 auto diesel gearbox problem

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hi can anyone help I pick up my 2018 galaxy model 150 auto in Jan ever since day one I've had a problem of my car on start up or when running hot or cold trying to pull for in P or N and when in traffic the stop start function flying forward on restart not just a little but a big distance , my ford mechanic describe it has acting like a v8 but instead of rocking side to side with revs it want to fly forward like a a horse in starting blocks I'm worried the car dangerous and will either hit someone or another car I've had gearbox messages come up on dash board about fault after eight months of investigation ford technical dept. ask to have gearbox removed to check play in dmf in gearbox and balance my dealer had to send it to their main office who had the specialist tool needed but after two weeks it turn out all there master tech did was reprogram the box then tell me it still does it whether it hot or cold and he had email attached to post from not fords technical dept. but they gearbox design dept. telling them this is normal with the box and that I'm a sensitive customer if you read so why dose it not do it on my dads galaxy same model and spec or my friends galaxy same model and spec and I was just given the key and told to drive it with no concern for my safely or other people or drive straight to dealer when error message appears again can anyone tell me if their galaxy do it please help 


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