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2002 Focus 1.8 tdci cutting out

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Hi All, I'm in desperate need of some help! Like many others I rely on my car for work but have recently been having an issue. It just dies on me whilst displaying a flashing glow plug light. When it first began to happen I just turned it off, waited a couple of seconds and it would start straight up again. Recently I have noticed that I'm having to turn it over many more times before it fires up again. I have had it on a diagnostic which originally said cam shaft sensor so I changed that and all seemed well until it happened again! I have checked the fuel filter in the tank, all good and I have changed the fuel filter under the bonnet, still happening! Another plug in to the diagnostic showed fuel injection module malfunction but when I started the car again this disappeared. Now the weird bit that might give those of you who know a lot more than me some idea of what's happening.....it never happens on the way to work in the morning. It's when I'm on my way home after it's been sat unused for at least 8 hrs that it happens. I'll start my journey home, after a mile or two it will die completely, after many attempts it will fire up, I'll go a short distance, it dies again then, usually, starts up again and I drive all the way home, 8 to 20 miles without another "episode"! Please, please, any ideas? Has anyone else had this and, if so, what was the problem? Really appreciate your help, many thanks 

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