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Disabling autofold mirrors

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Trying  to find away to turn off autofold mirrors 2018 C-Max titianium, now on my last monday the door switch would swop the mirrors from auto to manual so they would stay out, now i want to do this because this morning there was a heavy frost and ice on the car,, the mirrors where frozen  and i think that this puts a big strain on the motors iv had a new mirror already on warranty and would like to avoid it happening again, so any tips, nothing in settings, cant see anything in Forscan.

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3 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

Seems odd to remove that option from the door button, that was the same on the Focus and Fiesta as well.  I guess you could remove the mirror fuse while they're open, I think the heating and adjustment is on a separate fuse. 

Thats the conclusion i came to,It does seem stupid to remove what was a handy option.

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