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hi, im wanting to change my fuel filter on my 2007 1.8tdci hatchback focus and i was wondering how many fuel filters does it have because i have been told there is 2 fuel filters- 1 under the bonnet and 1 behind or by the fuel tank. would anyone be able to confirm this for me if possible

many thanks



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theres just the one under the bonnet. make sure you refill the new filter with fresh diesel and have some sort of hand pump to bleed the air out the pipes. 1.8tdci can be a pain to start if you dont. 

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4 hours ago, juany said:

have been told there is 2 fuel filters-

Like Ian says, just the one in the engine bay. With correct priming, it is easy to get the car going again. Without, it is almost impossible! First time I did it, I had no idea, and it took me two days to re-start. Second time it took under 2 minutes to re-start.

You can either pump fuel through from before the filter, or suck it through from after the fuel pump. Either way avoids getting dirt into the critical pipe from filter to pump. Even microscopic dirt particles can damage the fuel pump or injectors.

Also, despite some reports on the 'net, never interfere with any of the high pressure (metal) fuel pipes, unless you absolutely need to remove an injector or similar. There is no need, the high pressure side is self priming, and the dangers of leaks or dirt into injectors are massive.

Have a look at:


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