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Radio does not work on 2001 Ford fiesta

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So i brought my first car last week and so far im loving it, However the worst part is the radio doesn't work. It wouldn't bother me to much but driving to and from collage has become a bore lol. I have checked all the fuses and not 1 is blown. So does anybody know what else to check? Like are there any in-line fuses etc? its baffling me as theres nothing at all not even a back-light, the only thing that lights up are the numbers : 2,3,4,5. Any help would be great. Its a Mk 4 Ford Fiesta, 1.3 petrol, manual 51 reg. Thanks in advance 

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I have pulled the whole unit out and tried it several times, but the best i get is a humming noise from the tape compartment. I have been and brought a cheap after market 🧐 to see if that works, Will update you when the adapter arrives.

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