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2007 Fiesta Immobilizer problem


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Hi all,

I hope you might be able to help me.

I am in China right now been away for about a year, by fiesta is in the UK where my father starts it every week, warms it right up and maintains it, covers it etc. Last week, he tries to start it and 'nothing' happens. The engine wont start, wont even turn over. He gets it taken to a local mechanic who says its the immobilser, and he cannot find where it is to bypass it. I think we all know that the key, holds a chip that is recognized by a coil in the ignition barrel, so is this the place I need to get the mechanic to focus on? He told my father that if he cannot find the immobiliser, then the car would have to be scrapped!!!

Is it case of 1, get new batteries in the key fob? 2, checking the ignition barrel or 3, ask a ford dealer to look at it.

Any suggestions would be greatly received 


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On 10/19/2018 at 4:56 AM, steve.r said:

thanks for the replies, that was the first thing that was checked. Any more suggestions?

Have you tried another key if you ahve one?

My Focus has a red flashing light that goes out if you provide a good key. The Fiesta may have similar - if I insert and turn my key (but shield the chip) it flashes rapidly (moreso than when no key is present).

Any more functions in the car not working as they should when you turn the key? Think of things that would normally work when in "Run (pos 2)" - electric windows, radio, blower, lights, etc.

My car has two Ignition fuses that supply power when the ignition is turned to 2 - you may need to check all the fuses for any blown.

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Apparently there are no flashing lights, no code to see. The guy has put it on some computer, but still cant find the fault. He says now that he will ask some electrical expert to see what he thins. All sounds so crazy really, sure its a simple fix, I don't know why Ford themselves cant or don't want to help.

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