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Focus 1.0 ecoboost problems

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I own a 2012 Ford Focus 1.0 ecoboost Titanium model, Mileage of roughly 51k. We had been having loads of issues with the turbo system going into limp mode under heavy acceleration, turn the car off and back on again and it corrects itself until the next heavy acceleration. We have ended up changing various parts of the turbo system such as the brake boot valve and pump. More recently the car has gone into engine malfunction mode and completely stopped running properly, sounding more like a tractor than a car. I have had it lifted to my local Ford garage and had the following diagnosis:

oil pump requires replacing, timing belt requires replacing, oil filter requires replacing  and the oil needs replacing!!!!!!!


Bearing in mind the car is only 6 years old and done approximately 51k miles has anone else had this problem? 

The garage are saying that if the non-specified oil (manufacturers spec) has been put in during a service that this would cause the belt to break up and disintegrate. is this true?

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Poor you! This won’t be of much help as I own a Fiesta but when I bought it 6 months ago (2012 plate) the garage did emphasise that the engine must have the ‘expensive’ oil when it’s serviced. I didn’t ask why though...

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The ecoboost should be run on 5W20 oil to WSS-M2C948-B spec, some garages may put in the 5W30 oil 913C or 913D oil which is usually for the older type of engines. The 1.0 timing belt runs in oil so no flushing oil should be used either. Has the car had regular servicing?

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