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tapping noise


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hi guys and gals.

I have a 54 mk3 Mondeo 2.0 tdci that has recently developed a few issues. since I have had the car

it has fired up 1st time every but lately it has gradually stated to turn slowly and not firing as quick

it got to a point were it was turning so slow that the battery was suspect so I changed it for a new one,

fitted it but it was still the same so I called the rac. the tech tested the battery and alternator and they were good

so he put it down to a worn starter. I got a new one and fitted it, when it came to start the car I turned on the ignition

and the instrument panel went nuts then it turned over a lot quicker but took its time to fire. when it did fire up it

seems to have developed a tapping noise that wasn't there before and  the hirer the revs the faster the tapping. seems to drive ok with no apparent 

power loss just this annoying tapping. any idea's ?


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