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Dab adaptor, or phone?


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So, im wanting to have DAB in the car, that I've wanted for a long time now,made much worse as my wifes new car has DAB.

But I've been using my phone to listen to radio through the bluetooth all this time, which is all fine and well, but sometimes it doesn't want to connect with the bluetooth.

Only drag is it takes about a minute before getting in the car and connecting, and I always have to have my phone with me.

But I'm in 2 minds, to either stick with the phone or get an autodab for £130 which is hidden behind the glovebox. 


wondering if anyone has any thoughts of pros and cons of either solution.

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1 hour ago, Luke4efc said:

Both are a pain in the ***** to change stations. For £130 I'd just change the head unit for one with DAB built in and install a new aerial.

Ive looked at doing this, but it doesn't seem straight forward to me, as they have different connections on the back.

My radio has 2 chunky connectors on the back, and the dab ones seem to have 2 slimmer ones, and idont seem to be able to find any adaptors to change them.


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