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2015 fiesta PCM - HELP!?

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Hey all

Can't believe what has recently happened and was hoping that someone here can help me out.

So my gf drives a 2015 fiesta titanium-X 1.0 ecoboost (125hp) with 50000 miles. We got it with 4k on the clock and it was about 9 months old.

Not had an issue until a few months ago when the steering rack failed just before the warranty expired. It was fixed under warranty so that was sort of ok but got us a bit worried about the future.

Last Wednesday The car just wouldn't start for ages, eventually it did but kept stalling. AA came out and said he'll have to take it to a Ford dealer in Manchester.

They told us it was electrical and it would cost £250 to strip electrics and look for the issue.

Fast forward a week and we've just been told it's the powertrain control board, guessing he means PCM? 

They have now said it will be £1700 to sort it out and have asked Ford UK if they will pay as a good will gesture as the car has just come out of warranty and it's the second major problem in months.

Surely this isn't right for a three and a half year old car, full service and looked after?  We are ***** ourselves and don't know what to do.

Our last car (abarth 500) was annoying with little fixes but we put 80000 miles on it with no major issues.

Thought Ford would be a good choice but we are loosing all faith in this car but can't get a new one.

Any advice and thoughts would be great



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