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Hi All. 2005 Fiesta'ish owner.


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Hi All. 

Time for an admission, I don't actually own a 2005 fiesta. I do however own a 2005 Mazda 2. However, they are very similar machines, and the engines are the same. 

My engine is 1.4L FXJA engine, this is the same as the Duratec (1.25, 1.4 & 1.6) engine in the Fiesta MkV and Fusion from the same year. So please don't think bad of me for not actually owning a Ford-badged vehicle.   

Sadly the Mazda2 support is not great, no Haynes manual, the forums are rubbish compared to here! 

Now a bit about me and my car. 

I wanted to get a cheap runaround for my parents and saw a cheap car on fleabay. Long story short, I got it, but probably should not have, but what is done is done. and this is how I am now an owner of a 2005 1.4L Mazda2. 

On the outside the car is good condition, however, while I was doing a service on it, I found it may not have been serviced that regularly, see pic of new and old air filters!

This then leads me to assume the timing belt probably has not been changed yet (currently 110K on the clock), and the drive belt is frayed. So job one was meant to be the timing belt, the drive belt and the water pump. Looking at how to do this brought me to this website, and a big shout out to @HenryV for the quite outstandingly detailed post on how to do this. 

But before I start this job, I then find out that the head Gasket is blown (I will start a post about this in the relevant section), So over the next couple of weeks, I will be quite busy. However, since all this is related to the engine, I thought it should be ok to post on this forum my questions, and hopefully post how I get one with some photos as well. I'm even following the fiesta Haynes manual, the engines really are identical. 

So that is my story. I will start a new thread over the weekend detailing my first project. 



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