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Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi 2011 fuse lay out


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I know this has been covered with other fords but I am a new member and need help. It is the cigarette lighter not working. Okay I have the usb to use if necessary but it is bugging me. I have looked at the manual and none of the diagrams look like the ones in my car. I have checked all the fuses under bonnet and in glove compartment and all the fuses are fine. wondering if anybody knows where I can get a correct fuse box layout for my car so I can see if it is a missing fuse causing the problem. The manual mentions 22 but as I have said that doesn't help as the picture doesn't match the layouts in my car.

Also The headlight bulb went and when replacing the bulb I noticed a black wire loose but it appears the whole light will have to be taken out and then it looks too fiddly to put back in if I can get it in. Not sure what it is for but it doesn't seem to affect the lighting not being attached ????

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6 hours ago, Gizmox said:

where I can get a correct fuse box layout for my car

Have a look at this site:


The 2008-2017 diagram gives F18 as being for the cigar lighter / power point. (Note: It gives two types for European cars). If not a fuse, those power points have been known to come disconnected at the spade connector behind them, or even to fail internally at the rivet or weld that makes the connection.

Regarding the loose wire, it should be fairly easily visible if there is a nearby connector or crimp terminal with a wire missing, that the wire would just reach. If not, it is not unusual for wiring looms to have extra wires for options not fitted. It may vary in a more or less random way between cars, as although Ford try to avoid paying for wires not used by having different looms for most options, if there is a stock shortage, they will use whatever is to hand to keep production going.

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Hi there, thank you for your reply. I will have a look at the web page you have flagged up.

I have had a chat with Ford tonight and they have confirmed my Titanium's fuse boxes and layout do not match the manual as it was changed in 2011. They have said that the fuse will be in the glove compartment and a big square one and it will be the bottom row and the only blue one. They apparently do have a tendency to blow especially if electric pumps are used in them. It isn't a big deal as I would only use the usual such as phone, car cam and sat nav in it and having the usb I could always use that but it is annoying when things do not work. That is a weekend job.

Also found out the black wire is for all day running lights so since that is not a must in our country at the moment it is left there so you can attach them if you wish if you go abroad I presume. I know it was bugging my dad so he had a look at my sons titanium which is a 2009 1.6 TDCI and his also has the clean hanging black wires. To add to the confusion Haynes do 2 manuals for the cars one is 2008 to 2011 and the other 2008 to 2012. My dad is a retired motor engineer and that has also left him scratching his head lol


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