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2016 S-Max, adjusting the height of adaptive lights

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Hi Folks,

We just bought a used 2016 s-max. It's got the adaptive headlights, which means the usual dial in the cabin to adjust the height of the headlight is missing. I checked the manual but could't find details on how you can manually raise the height of the main beams. Right now; they are pointing into the road and not lighting up far ahead, where they should be. Hopefully; there is a screw/bolt adjustment under the bonnet? Anyone know about this/done this themselves? thanks, John 

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I assume you mean dipped beam?  There is a manual adjuster on the headlight units, but it's difficult to set correctly at home, best to ask a garage with an MOT beam setter to adjust them as high as safely possible.  It's also worth checking if either of the height sensors are broken on the front and rear lower arms.

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the message. I do mean the main/high beam. It just seems to have the main focus point of the lights hitting the road a few short feet in front of the car. It does seem like they should be raised to reach further ahead. When you activate the "dipped" beam, it too does seem lower that I'd expect. I'll ask my local garage to take a quick look for me. 

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