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Sat Nav issues


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Hi Everyone, new member here having issues with my sat nav. I bought a 2016 Ford focus 3 pot with sync 2 but no nav. Now I have read online that there is a simple procedure to unlock this hidden gem, which I did so armed with Forscan and my maps.


Everything looks great, updated sync, enabled via Forscan and added the patch...only now on the screen it says "insert SD Card" when I insert the SD card nothing happens. I purchased another "genuine titled" card off eBay and still the same issue. Can someone help me get unstuck please?




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Hi Stoney. Yes done a master reset and left the car for 20 mins. When i got back to it the "insert sd card" notification appeared. 

Unless I did something wrong in forscan as when i adjusted values and clicked write it rewrote the values.

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