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Focus Engine component

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Hello Everyone.

So i am a man who specializes in the I.T world however am clueless when it comes to cars and engines 😞

I have a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Diesel 07 plate and around 99000 on the clock and last week i started to hear a hissing noise from the engine only when accelerating.....upon opening the engine i noticed the problem which was a tear in the turbo rubber hose connecting from the inlet manifold to the intercooler pipe. So i purchased a replacement but had an issue trying to take the current hose off due to one of the clips being underneath. Anyway whilst i was trying to take that off my hand hit another pipe and snapped it 😞   so my problem now is that i dont know what this pipe is and i have circled it in red in the picture attached. The green square is where the snap is. 

My question is would anyone know what this is called please? it would be very helpful as now my car is showing the system engine fault red light and i am inclined to think it is something to do with this

can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance

Focus Engine.jpg

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2 hours ago, Bruce1004 said:

My question is would anyone know what this is called please?

That sensor on top of the engine is the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor, aka the boost pressure sensor.

The little hose connects it to the Manifold. I looked a little while ago, as mine had broken, right next to the sensor. But the hose seems to only be available with a genuine Ford MAP sensor, and is rather expensive. I just cut mine a fraction shorter and pushed the new end into the rubber adapter on the MAP sensor, made tight with a ty-rap.

The pressure is a max of 1.5bar (about 22psi) above atmospheric (2.5 bar abs), and the temperature below 100C, so any nylon or silicone type hose will do the job.

That 90deg turbo hose comes off fairly easily once the metal tube is released by the one bolt under those fuel pipes. But I unclip the temperature sensor plug (green thing in pic) first, to avoid straining its connection.

I had the lower turbo hose split on me early this year, the one just the other end of the metal tube. That is a real pig to get out, needs the bumper off, and quite a few other bits, plus an awful lot of wriggling about. I bandaged it with some thin ali sheet and jubilee clips at the time, until my major summer overhaul when I removed the bumper etc.

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Hi Peter

Thanks for the response, was very helpful and thanks for the tip with the hose. i did the same as the snap was on the end too (so i got that a bit wrong in my pic)

So i managed to sort that and replaced the rubber hose that i was originally trying to do and the car now is running very smoothly 

Thanks again

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