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Exhaust filter full


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My brand new ford focus 1.0 Ecoboost  ST line coming up Exhaust filter blocked carry on driving 

Did this about a month ago then went of after a day trip out  but back on now

has any one had this problem and the best way to solve it 

thank you 


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This has cropped up in other topics also. When I first read about gpf's  I got the impression that they would be no big deal compared to the diesel version, probably won't even notice etc, etc. So far though it seems as if re-gen is coming up far earlier and more frequently than the various technical write-ups seemed to suggest. As with diesel, the "fix" seems to be to do more driving which given the object was to reduce pollution seems counter-intuitive. Or maybe it's all a dastardly plot to get us into electric cars?😡

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