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Etis inaccuracies


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Has any one else found that the Minor Features list on Ford Etis isn't accurate for their car?

Some of the inaccuracies about my Fiesta ST:

  • Less Global/Auto Closing (it has this)
  • Leather Wheel With Red Stitching (the stitching is black)
  • Less Outside Temp Thermometer (it has this)
  • Less Navigation System (it has this)
  • Less bluetooth (it has this)
  • Less Voice Activated Modules (it has this)

All of that was factory fitted. Wierd...

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Quite normal. Example is less bluetooth, my focus is less Bluetooth( old non sync bluetooth Nokia module) but with sync 1 ( newer bluetooth

It's not the most accurate but gives a general overview. No one at ford looks at it to be fair. For precise details of a component we look at the ecat parts system . 

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Something I did find interesting (assuming accurate) is that my car was made at Ford-Werke in Niehl, Germany. I looked it up, and apparently a Fiesta rolls off the production line there every 86 seconds! I'm assuming a lot less STs though...

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