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Rough starter when cold and smell of petrol


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Hi everyone, 

Wondering if anybody could give me any advice.

My 2010 ford fiesta mk7 petrol zetec s seems to start a bit ruff along with a ruff idle, especially when the weather is cold and I'm getting a smell of fuel. It seems to get better once the car has had a bit of time to warm up but the issue seems to be gradually getting worse and I really don't want the car to die on me.

Can anybody give me any indications to what it might be and if it's a quick fix? 

Thanks in advance


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What you describe could be a number of things really. Have a look for fuel leaks, particularly around the injectors. That's what's most likely to be leaking. If you also have low fuel pressure it should trigger a fault code so might be worth a quick check.

Next thing to check is spark plugs and leads. It could be possible they are struggling to burn the extra fuel added due to the 'auto-choke' on a cold start. It then normalises once warmed up.

Other than that I could only guess at a MAP sensor really. I'd rule the o2 sensor out on the fact your engine runs better when warm.

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7 hours ago, Kroe1992 said:

Thanks mate,

The idle dips then rises again when this is happening also, is it possible that it could also be a fault with the idle control valve? 


"Mass Air flow sensor" generally fitted on the air induction line, there quite brittle and sense the air temperature as it flows in to the engine, 

It tells the ecu to add extra fuel when conditions are freezing outside, but it will do this intermittently if broken, 

 Your model is a 2010, Although no Engine fault is showing the ecu can still log errors, I'd go to an independent garage for a diagnostic check before spending anymore on repairs, 

Some places charge around 20 pounds for a diagnostic, you can then decide whether or not to repair it yourself. This video should also help; just ignore the parts about possible Boost leaks 😅 as your engine is naturally aspirated non turbo.


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6 hours ago, Kroe1992 said:

Cheers mate, will do

No prob, 

Also I'd just like to add an after thought there I wanted to say; I have a 2010 focus and recently had problems with low fuel pressure due to a blocked fuel filter this is completely irrelevant to your particular issue but I went for a diagnostic check and the ecu was logging the "low fuel pressure" fault and displaying on the mechanics system however; when I was driving it wasn't telling me anything eas wrong on the centre display.


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