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Mk4 Mondeo Hands-free


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I have a 2009 mondeo 1.8tdci zetec, it has the 6000 cd radio head unit (not sure if its original one that came with the car new) my question is it has the phone symbols on the steering column stalk, which leads me to believe it has bluetooth connectivity, but when I try to pair phone with the head unit, (press call button on head unit) it just muted the radio no option for pairing the phone. Am I missing something, could this be a problem with head unit or bluetooth module. Any tips on this.


Thanks in advance 

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On a zetec model you are unlikely to have bluetooth, the module can be easily added, a search on here will give more details on which module you need, other will no doubt come along with that info.

You can log into ford etis and if you register, its free, you can get the as built spec for your car.

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So just checked for etis and i got this

  •  With A/V Jack
  •  BT/VC Phone Interface Only

so it had bt but not working now, so are there any common faults to check for fuses ect?

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Just out of interest, what phone are you trying to connect, some wont, there is a phone checker somewhere that tells you which phones will or wont connect.

found it https://secure.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/SYNC-and-Bluetooth-Support/MobileCompatibility#/

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Thanks for the reply, 

I have removed glove box and found b/t module.


Are there any fuses for bluetooth to work? Does the cd player have to be certain model (the aux input isnt working either, could this be related?) 

The phone is Samsung A5, I have connected this to my father in-laws Mondeo with no troubles


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