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Problems with fan coming on to cool engine and seatbelts


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So 2 months ago I brought my used bmax from trust ford thinking I’d be getting a good car since I’ve had it it’s been back for 3 problems already and now I have more issues.

1. Are the seat belts meant to have a twist in them?! I’ve take it back Already for this issue where it had multiple twist in the belt but I have it back it it still has a twist.

2. Every so often my fan comes on to cool my engine I can’t work out if this is normal or yet another fault. The ac is not on either as I know the fan comes on when the ac is running.

Thanks for reading any help would be appreciated as I think ford are getting sick of me going back. But the car comes with a 6 month warranty so I want all the issues fixing on it before it runs out.







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Id be half inclined to agree with them haha

The twists can be reversed easily enough, literally takes 2 mins and is not worth the hassle of going back to the garage.

It's very normal for the fan to come on, especially when sat in traffic as you're not getting enough airflow through the radiator.

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