2012 focus rear bumper removal

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hi all

I need to remove the rear bumper of my 2012 focus estate.i gather the rear lights have to come out,where are the rest of the screws/fixings etc.

reason for removal is fitting a towbar.



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Dead easy to do, I removed one just recently.

First off yes you do need to remove the rear light as there's a latch holding the bumper on. The light is held on with 2 thumb nuts which you can get at from inside the boot. Also worth mentioning you'll have to be careful if your car has reversing sensors not to yank on the wires.

- 1 or 2 t30 (I think) screws in the wheel arch around the bottom.

- 1 screw just underneath each light when you open the boot.

- 2 trim clips underneath the car on the diffuser. These will be a little awkward to remove as they get clogged up with mud etc.

- pop out bumper by prying up slightly on those retainers I mentioned at the start.

- have someone hold that side (as it's completely free from the car on that side at this point).

-unlatch the other side and remove the bumper.

Hope that's clear enough lol. There's probably videos or proper guides with pictures on here somewhere if you do a search.

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hi luke,thanks for your input,will be very useful when I do the job(when it warms up a bit)I don't think my estate has a diffuser?and yes it does have the reversing sensors,its the titanium x model.i did have a look on youtube and had a browse around the forum but as yet no luck with pic,s or video.

thanks again and have a great new year.


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