Fiesta van?! Noob here, help!

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Hi Ford people!

This is my first post to the forum so apologies if its in the wrong area.

So basically I am looking into buying a Fiesta van. I don't know much on fiestas other than that id probably be looking at mk 7. (Maybe its a 7.5/facelift?), like a 2013 type one.

Just looking for some advice on which one is the best contender, as far as I can see its either a 1.5/1.6 tdci. I was looking into a mini Clubvan but a mechanic i know told me to avoid them due to the issues with gearboxes/turbos and 1.6 PSA engine but also that the fiesta is likely the same engine!

Ive read about turbo struggling with oil starvation but also thats likely down to bad servicing.

If theres anyone to help what to look out for or even if theyre worth looking into that would be massively appreciated!


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I own a mk7 Fiesta SportVan and it's honestly, it's the best vehicle I've ever owned! The diesel engine has loads of grunt, is very economical on fuel and provided you avoid supermarket diesel and go for Shell V-Power or BP Ulitmate, it will run like an absolute dream.

Oh, and definitely get the SportVan variant, it has all the extra kit and looks LOVELY!!

I love my little van and wouldn't swap it for anything else.


The only thing I will say is that if you go for the mk 7, go for a 2011-onwards model because it should have the upgraded stereo that has full USB connectivity. Mine is the 2010 model, so I have cables everywhere and a bluetooth controller strapped to the steering wheel when I want to use my iPod. (This is only a minor niggle, by the way.) 

Upgrades-wise, apart from cosmetic stuff, all I've done is had the top half of the bulkhead put in. For some weird reason, the mk7 doesn't have the top half put in as standard, but the mk7.5 does.

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