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Todays Accident


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Well its not been a good day today. We had a few centromeres of snow here in rural Mid Wales, and while travelling to work at 5.30 this morning I slid in the snow and hit a bridge wall in my Focus.

The front near side was hit damaging the front bumper and headlight. The air bags went off so the car was undrivable even though the steering seemed ok. Question is would this be classed as a write off? The car has done 96k and is a 62 plate. It was to dark to take a photo unfortunately.

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Price up a new head light and bumper from Ford. Then price up spraying of the bumper. Then whist on the phone to Ford ask them for a price of the air bags that deployed. Any damage to the bonnet or anything else.  Once you have the price of the parts then add around 1000 to fix, and prob 200-250 for diaposal of damaged goods. Then put that against a car of similar value on eBay

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There is probably more damage than the bumper and headlight. Quite often there's damage to bumper member/ slam panel and other stuff. Air bags will be very expensive. I had accident in a customer's ford Mondeo and only looked like bumper slight damage but the impact set the knee airbags and seat belt pretensions . Bumper member, 2 headlights , bumper and or parts . Bill came to £4000. That was back in 2004. 

So I'm guessing it will be written off. 

Your Car value before accident would be around £3.5k to £4k 

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