Odd occurence on F8 maps

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Since installing F8 map update I have come across a very odd occurence. I regularly travel an A road in my location and as I approach a particular roundabout the nav display shows a 'no entry' and 'roadworks' icon at the roundabout.  After the roundabout either side of the road shows a purple line. I assume this purple line indicates the road is closed. These purple lines continue for the next 7 miles to the end of my journey. It also shows this on my return journey.

Funny thing is I have lived in this area 23 years and this particular road has never been closed for roadworks and is not now as I am still traveling it.

Did not show up on F7 maps.

Any one else finding oddities with F8 maps?

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Further to the above. Nav system is has now started to show the road as not closed.

While I am here I have found that if I do a sync 3 update check on the website in the maps section I get the following.

Your Maps software needs updating. Approx. 0MB
This so called update gives me a GB5T-14G386-AB.tar file. This file I believe is the one that gives you the log file you use to notify the update website that you have carried out the update. Which I did weeks ago.
Anyone out there come across this?

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I get the same result. Ford have told me and others here they have problem with downloads at present and we should try again in a few weeks ? Don't hold your breath.

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