DPF Engine Fault 2463

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Ive recently purchased a Focus Titanium X 2.0 from Ford Direct. I’ve had it eight weeks and have had the engine fault code 2463 a couple times which relates to sooting in the DPF. The fix offered by the garage is to regenerate the DPF which seems to burn a tonne of fuel. My problem is this does not fix the problem and I don’t want to take the car to Ford every four weeks to have this done.


Can an anyone advise if this is the correct way to fix this problem please? If not what can I do?


Thank you


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First, what sort of journeys do you do? What mileage has the car done?any other codes present?, what was used to read the codes? Is the car producing black smoke? Lastley is it still in warranty?

It could be a sensor fault rather than a blocked dpf, do you get the EML come on?

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The car is only used for commuting to work 40-60 mins each way with a majority of journey at 50-60mph. 

Car has done 10k miles and has a two year Ford Direct warranty. 

No other fault codes showing.

Orange static engine management light. 

No black smoke at all. 


Thanks again 

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