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How do you remove interior rear view mirror Mk2?


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Did a search on this forum and it returned zippo! My 14 year old mirror (bog standard, not auto dimming or anything posh!)  is showing 'rust' marks on the bottom of the glass so I'm interested on replacing the mirror. How do you do it? (it's part no. 015478 if that's relevant to the answer)

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The bracket slides down onto a dovetailed mount stuck to the windscreen.
You need to lever the clip towards you and tap the bracket upwards whilst not clobbering the glass or breaking the mount.
Tbh I can't remember if the mount is plastic or metal.

Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)

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2 minutes ago, WES180 said:

Just tap the windscreen with a hammer from the outside, the mirror will fly straight off for you!😉

Now, would I be using a rubber mallet, or a claw type hammer for that to work? 🤩

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On ‎3‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 6:56 PM, StephenFord said:

Oh dear!! That didn't go at all well... 😦


might fail the mot 😂

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Just wanted to tidy this thread up. After a while looking, I came across a 'mint' mirror on eBay at only £12 so went ahead and bought it. (Current one had an age related blemish in it which just irritated me everytime I looked at it). Went to the car to have another look at following given instructions here and wondered what the best tool to use would be. I pressed the locking tab to see how stiff it was, and as I pushed using my thumbnail, realised that was the very tool I needed! New mirror fitted in less than a minute! Thanks for all the advice, that is now the last interior item I needed to wipe years off my interior.

(I have replaced the heating control buttons, handbrake release button, handbrake lever cover, head unit surround painted, steering wheel inserts carbon wrapped - all small stuff but together, make a difference)

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