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Buying A W Reg Fiesta Need Some Advice What To Check


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Hi, I am going to buy a 2000 w reg fiesta finnese it has the 1.3 push rod engine and have heard various things about this engine some say its not as powerful as the zetec but yet more reliable.

The car has 2 owners and has only done 52,000 miles but I would like to know if this fiesta suffers from the front wish bone lower arms needing regular replacement. There is only slight rust bubbles on the sills wheel arches seem fine, will these rust bubbles on the sills make the car rotten in a few months (just saying this as fords are well known for rot and rust)

Thanks for any advice on this.

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More than anything I would worry about the rust - if you can see rust on the outside of the car (even if its just bubbling), then there will be 10x that hidden underneath and in crevices where you can't see. You need to check if the sills are rotten - give them a good hard knock, all the way along. New sills + new paint on both sides is about £300 if you want it doing properly, so you need to keep this in mind.

Check here for whats bad on this model of Fiesta:


Lots of important things mentioned on that page.

Good luck.

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Thanks for this, I have recently found out that the garage selling it has had one sill filled and painted aswell as the rear arch on the same side. Then they said they will wax oil it underneath for me if i wanted it.

The car is from a independant garage should i be concerned that they want to wax oil it? the car is priced at £1,400 and its a Fiesta Finnesse 1.3 W Reg.

Thanks again for the help.

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It should be waxoyled everywhere possible - no other choice with these Fords. But I would be concerned that one sill has been filled - you can be sure that will rust again within 6-12 months, I'd say. The only proper repair for a rusty sill is a brand new sill.

Have you had a chance to look underneath the car with a torch? Underneath the boot floor, front floor pans, suspension arms, inside wheel arches are common areas for rust.

A bit of surface rust shouldn't put you off - so if it looks rot free, get it, get a new sill to replace the one thats been filled. Then get the entire thing rustproofed professionally - costs about £270 to have it done with Dinitrol, which is better than Waxoyl.

£1,400 is too much. Low mileage is nice (not always important though), but you know you're going to have to spend a bit getting it through the next MOT.

Glass's value for a Fiesta Finesse 1.3 W reg is as follows:

Part-exchange Price:

Excellent condition: £1005

Average condition: £885

Below average condition: £770

If it doesn't feel right, and if they wont go down to a reasonable price - just keep shopping. There's tons of these about, I would personally wait for one to pop up that has always been garaged!

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talking from experience my fiesta had a slight bubbling of rust on the arches but was immaculate and solid underneath if possible check underneath, also ask if u can test drive the car first. to check if inspection lights come on on dash, also check with dvla car not stolen or been involved in crime as my fiance had that problem. all i can say is please check underneath for rot. zoe

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