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9S277 - Fiesta 2008.75 - Daytime Running Lamps.


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I think it is related to all Fiestas that come with DRL, for me it works as following - when I start the engine the lights come automatically on (lights you use when driving in a city, not the beam used on empty countryside) and the light is 50-60% of manually switched lights (to save the bulbs), but I do not have auto lights and wipers, it is done via one relay and one fuse. So I think more cars should have this. Maybe we should wait for guys from Nordics?

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Reply from Germany:

9S277 - Fiesta 2008.75 - DRL - service Program

Dear customer, dear customer,

Ford continuously carries out quality control in production and in vehicles delivered.

The daytime running lights for vehicles Fiesta has a resistance wire that heats up during the system operation. The specifications for the resistance cables do not meet the necessary requirements, so it can cause heat damage to the cable insulation. Due to the location of the resistance of the cable into Motorverteilerbox there is a risk that this will cause damage nearby cables. This can cause interference in other electrical systems.

We therefore now write to all owners of potentially affected vehicles. It is necessary that your vehicle immediately and on a Ford contractor / Ford Dealers / Ford Authorized a workshop will be reviewed.

Your dealer will replace the resistance wire of the daytime running lights with a suitable cable.

I think it is little bit serious.

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