Ford focus c max 1.8 tdci cutting out

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hey everyone really need some help on this one as its puzzling me now.

I have the Ford focus c max 1.8 tdci 2006 plate completely standard bar a egr blacking plate and have an issue with it just randomly cutting out.

There are no warning signs car will run as it should then all of a sudden the PCM light will come on sometimes the car will go into limp mode other times it wont and also sometimes but not every time it will just cut out as well doesn't seem to matter if I'm going slow or fast if the engine is hot or cold it makes no odds, the speedo and revs will just drop straight to 0 and the normal ignition lights will come on, but turn it all off and car will restart straight away again with no hesitation. 

The car was only MOT'd last month and the guy doing the test said it was sky high on the emissions and that somebody has turned a screw on the pump to increase the fuel flow to make it faster or something, so hes turned this down to get it through the test and then put it back to where it was. This baffled me as i have never heard of anything like that been possible. But the fault was there before hand but not as bad it would cut out once every blue moon, but yesterday was the worst it had been it did it 3 times on a 16 mile journey, once at speed and twice while slowing down for traffic lights but as said previously started up straight away without any hesitation.

I have done a code read and all it comes up with is a fault code for the fuel rail pressure switch and nothing else. 


Please if anyone could help i would be massively grateful 


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