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3Rd Service End Of The Month ( The "big" One)


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I was quite looking forward to my bonus from work, when i remembered i need car insurance £750, big service and MOT about £260 and i dont think the tyres have long left on them tbh so thats about £180 for 4x parada spec-2's not long after the MOT. So my bonus well and truely gone, great :(

But just quickly does anyone know what the 3rd service on a mk6 fiesta is? It's done 24k now but i was thinking this cant be the cam belt surely?

So can anyone shed some light atall as to what it includes?

Cheeeeeers, Jack

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wee.. no idea.. I will try to find out.. and if I should get an idea I will post it

click the link select youre car and year and select mileage then 25k and youll get all the info you need mate http://www.etis.ford.com/fordservice/serviceScheduleForm.do;jsessionid=AFB5CDD476DF83A4B7A94F8CF02A34A8.dulv0676

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in the last month ford changed there service shedules

3rd sevice 37500 miles or 3 years is wheels on visual check of brakes and replacement of spark plugs oil and oil filter, air, fuel and pollen filter.

4th service 50000 miles or 4 years is wheels off, drums off and check all brakes, clean and adjust rear brakes and just replacement of oil and oil filter and pollen filter.

if you've got a petrol car alot of customers are now just having a value service which is just oil and filter change and with wheels on visually check. normally £99 and then are getting spark plugs changed also during the service.

but my local main dealer are doing a value service and mot for £130

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