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Track rod end and rod issue.

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Hi all ,

Well after a couple of months of going back to my usual garage due to a vibration in the steering and being told that it was something to do with the caliper that had been replaced after the old one seized,new discs and pads on etc causing an issue (which i called them out on and left them slightly open mouthed) and them saying they will do alignment again and charged me for it i decided to take it to a tyre place today to get the car balanced.I explained the issue and asked could they have a look around to see if they can spot anything as im at a loss.

I went back and the lads couldnt have been more helpful.Straight away they told me the garage was basically pulling a fast one to say the least.They said the alignment was way out and THAt WAS the cause of the vibration.I said only a few weeks ago the garage said they did the tracking although as soon as i was on the road it came back so thought it must be something else.They showed me that the drivers track rod end was seized solid and theres no sign of any fresh scratches etc and they had tried all they could to shift it with no luck.They said no ones moved that in over a year they thought.They couldnt fix it but said either need someone with a blowtorch etc to warm it and loosen it or need it replaced.To be fair id rather get it properly repaired to be honest but just wondering before i get the chance tomorrow or monday to get to a garage would anyone have a rough idea what an independent garage might roughly charge to replace a seized track rod end ?

Just tired of paying and people not doing a good job for money these days.This has happened,had a rear quarter sprayed 18 months ago and laquers now broken down and needing redoing (get what you pay for!) and powder coating blowing off two alloys after being done last year late up!lol

Thanks for any advice folks.....and for letting an old sod vent too 😉

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If the track rod end is just seized on the threads a bit of heat from an acetylene torch will free it.

When I replace track rod ends I only ever do a pair, I also factor in the cost of an alignment into my price. Part of the job for me, which makes the alignment much less hassle is to run a die down the threads to remove any build up/rust. Once alignment is set I spray a rust inhibitor on the now bare threads. 

Don’t know what labour is like where you are to give an idea of cost. 

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Had something similar when I did my front springs the other week, both were seized and spent about two hours cutting and grinding one off before I actually had a 'You tit' moment..

Easiest way I found for removal was blast with WD and scrub the threaded area with a steel brush to clean off some of the rust, the more the better. If its seized both top and bottom then if possible, cut the bar in the middle, or pop the ball end off by prying it away from the thread. If you cut the bar, you can just twist and pull a half of the bar off and that'll leave the seized nut and a ball left.

Now, take a pair of GOOD vice-grips and lock them on each side. Apply a good amount of elbow grease and you should be able to twist off and unscrew.

Generally alot easier with the hub dropped from the strut, but of course if seized dont worry too much - Get the brake disk off if you need extra room to work.


Hope that helps!

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