Fiesta Mk7 TDCI Stuttering, followed by Service Engine Now light.

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Another day, another problem with this pain of a car...

At the start of last week I went on Holiday to Cornwall. For the entire holiday, I've had this strange issue where sometimes the car would 'jump' while accelerating. Only way I can describe it is like someone touched the brake for a second. Did this for the entire week, but not very often so I didn't think much of it. I was driving back from Cornwall to Birmingham last night. Did the usual, locked in the cruise at 70 and relaxed. About an hour into the journey, it jumped. Did this once, carried on. About an hour later, it did the same, jumped once, carried on. An hour later, this time did it twice. I knew something was wrong but with only an hour left of the journey, I just wanted to get home. Then towards the end, just as I was getting off the motorway, it did it again, and this time it did it every time I put my foot down, and then finally it gave up. Engine malfunction light came on (the cog with a ! in it) and it went into limp mode. Pulled into a lay-by, restarted the car, gave it a few good revs, and the error was gone. Carried on my way home like nothing ever happened.

Does anyone know what this issue could be? OBD reader is telling me nothing and I have another long journey ahead of me in under a month that I am scared to take the car on.

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I don’t know what it is but a thought might be fuel filter. When was it last changed. Is your code reader a good one , there should be a fault code if the engine management light came on. 

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