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Click sound when clutch and rpms falling

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Hi all!

let me explain properly. I have noticed a click type sound, when for example im stop and put the gear 1 and release the clutch but not the brake, so the car does like it wants to go but cant, when i press the clutch again the motor “relaxes” so here the click sound comes. And then when rolling, im in 1, 2 or 3 gear and accelerate a little and release so when the speed is falling again that click sound. 

No idea of what it can be ! I recently had my roll restrictor changed for another stiffer but the mount is good and i had it double checked. 

Seems something with the clutch? Cable could be ? Its almost 100.000km. 

1.0 fiesta ecoboost 125bhp

Thanks !

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I don't think it has a clutch cable does it. I think it is hydraulic. have a look up under the dash. is the push rod that goes between pedal arm and the hydraulic cylinder on the bulkhead on there properly.   I know earlier fiestas had problems with the push rod sliding of the peg on the pedal arm. I don't know if newer ones are same design.

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