Colour screen and stereo post 2014

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Hi All


I bought a 2014/65 car because I needed a non-turbo. When I was searching I noticed the 2015s on have a much nicer screen, like this one.


What would I need to upgrade? I have a Zetec with bluetooth and voice control, standard stereo I think





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To get the screen like the one pictured you will need to buy the nav head unit, nav 5inch screen and gps module  (usually won’t be sold with the rest of the stuff.)

I did it about a year ago to my 2015 zetec by following a guide on this forum it wasn’t too difficult.


there is a colour screen without sat nav and as far as I am aware all you will need is the screen but it is slightly smaller but still colour 


You will however have to get the car coded I used for scan to change the car preset screen size to the new one again not too difficult 

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Great thanks, I had a search but didn’t find anything. Will have another go

I’m just looking at the screen so good to hear

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