Luke Bailey

Ford fiesta mk6 2007 double din '7010B'

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I will be fitting a double din ' 7010B' 

I know that there will be a fascia plate required but I ain't sure which one I will need. Anyone had this double put in there's and know which fascia I am in need of? Thanks in advanced

Here is an image of the double din '7010B'

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'Double din' is a standard size hence why someone called them 'dins'. As long as you buy a double din fascia adapter for a mk6.5 fiesta then you're all good.

Secondly, those £30 unbranded touch screen units are the biggest pile of crap ever. They either dont work or perform so poorly you'll want to throw it out of the window during your journey. Theres a reason why all the branded ones literally cost nearly 10x more than this... you get what you pay for as they say.

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