Adaptive cruise control

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I think I maybe know the answer already but there's an option on FORScan to enable adaptive cruise control on the MK8 Fiesta.

I have standard cruise control already, and given that radar/sensors are already in place on the car, can I switch it on and use it? Or do I need additional hardware?

If additional hardware, could anyone point to what I'd need?

Many thanks!

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If your car already has the front radar sensor, you should only need the distance switch or a steering wheel from an adaptive-equipped car. Presumably then this could be enabled with Forscan.


BTW, you mentioned in another post about LED signature lighting, that a setting is in Forscan, to enable it, which module on the car did you find this? Thanks in advance.



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Thanks @Jollyandy - i'll look in to the distance switch.

No I didn't , it's annoying as it's the last one on my last aside from adaptive cruise. If I find it, i'll tag you. 

Don't suppose you've contacted Forscan have you?

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