Rear view camera problem

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Hi All

Problem has arisen with the rear view camera on my Mk8. This morning when I reverse out of my garage dark night screen on camera working fine. As soon as it got into daylight and the info sceen went to the bright daylight screen the camera picture slowly fade until I was left with a blank screen.

Tried selecting reverse numerous times with daylight screen with the same result. Initial camera picture fading to a blank screen.

Went to setting/vehicle/camera and both settings were normal. Went to settings/display and it was still selected auto. I found that if I selected Day the camera would stay on when reverse selected in daylight. So it appears it doesn't like the auto setting anymore.

Yesterday I updated the Sync3 to build 18093 and am starting to wonder if this is glitch caused by the update. Anyone out there updated to 18093 and got the same problem?

I did try a master reset before anyone asks.


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Hi All

Problem solved. If anyone is interested in how check my


Sync3 build 18093


topic as idiot that I am I put it in that one. Saving grace is that it is linked to that topic in a way.



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