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Lateral run out since clutch replacement?

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Since Ford replaced my clutch last year, I've been through 3 sets of pads and discs due to horrendous wheel wobble under braking. 

The day I received the car back, I drove out, went round a roundabout and a wheel bearing failed, the front brakes now rubbed on both sides and eventually had to be replaced (having been earlier replaced that year at FORD)... then the drivers side driveshaft went (Stretched?).  All in the space of a few weeks. Now, just recently the input shaft bearing failed on the gearbox (unrelated)... having just reached 90k and 5 years.

So back to subject...

I couldn't afford / wait to get my brakes replaced at ford (£230 vs £160 at independent) so had a set done at a local and recently did a set myself, its an easy job apparently.  

However, they always seem to be fine for maybe 6k+ miles, then the wobble creeps in... and gets worse and worse and worse. I'm taking my car to another independent this week to have the brakes replaced AGAIN, but will ask them to check for any runout at all, although I assumed they would naturally do that(?). Someone suggested it could also be caused by over tightening the wheel lugs and that I should consider replacing the nuts?

So my question... as all these issues followed on from ford changing my clutch, removing the driveshafts from the hubs I assume, what could they have ****ed up or altered so much that I now have to change my brakes every 3-6 months??? 

Other than getting the next set lathed on the car, is there anything else I can change or replace to sort this out...?

I'm at the point of driving it into the back of lorry or less dramatically leaving it unlocked somewhere dodgy...

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