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New Spec For Fiestas From Next Month


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All cars built from next Monday are as follows:

All models: ESP becomes standard

All models (exc. Studio): 2 flip keys become standard

Studio: Heated door mirrors, remote audio control, aux-in jack and 2 additional Speakers all become standar

Titanium: Bluetoothth & USB now standard

Engine / CO2 changes

Additional power on diesel engines (1.4 TDCi 68ps becomes 70ps, and 1.6 TDCi 90ps becomes 95ps).

1.25 82ps reduces to 129g/km;

1.6 TDCi 95ps is 107g/km;

1.6 120ps becomes 134g/km

Range change

S1600 added

Titanium Individual deleted

Colour changes

Deletions: Avalon, Tango and Ocean

New: Ink Blue is re-introduced


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I wonder why ink blue is back? I never thought of it as a boring, really dull colour. I guess the other colours weren't a financially viable option, i've only seen a couple of Avalons and no tango's at all!

I think i'm the only one who likes avalon!

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I think Squeeze is the most common colour now. Sat in a motorway cafe having some dinner on Sat and I saw 3 Squeeze Fiestas go past in less than 30 mins.

There are a lot round our way too, they're alright, not sure if I'd buy one though (suppose I can't now!)

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