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06 Fusion Door/Belt/Lights Chime Not Working

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Hi all,

I recently bought an 06 Fusion (US) last year, and since then I've noticed that the warning chime (door ajar, seatbelt, key in, headlights left on, etc.) was working intermittently. Now, some months after buying it, the chime doesn't sound at all. While a lot of people complain about how annoying it is, I'd like to at least have mine functioning so I don't end up killing my battery by forgetting to turn the headlights off overnight or some stupid thing like that. I've noticed that when the weather's hot (close to 90 F), it'll work fine, but any other conditions - nothing.

I have the dealership workshop manual as well as the wiring diagram, and only the shop manual has anything related to the chime. I was starting to believe that I was imagining having one in the first place...

The shop manual says that if none of the chimes work, then the instrument cluster needs replaced entirely, which seems incredibly overkill (and costly...). But, my turn signal/hazards chime/click sound DOES work, so I'm wondering if there's anything else that I can do before I go through the trouble of trying to replace the cluster.

Anyone have any ideas/tips? I realize that this is a predominately UK forum, but maybe someone has some sort of idea.


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