Mick Blakesley

Changing GEM on a 2004 1.4 tdci Zetec

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I have a non-functional indicator system and have been advised, after swappung both indicator and hazard warning switches that the fault lies in the GEM, I have a replacement GEM with the same part number, and I have a key fob from the car that the GEM came from to deal with remote licking issues. Has anyone else swapped out a GEM on this model and can you advise any problems I may encounter.

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Hi there, I have replaced a gem module on the same model, quite a simple process, I would advise disconnecting battery first, the location of the gem can be challenging if you’re not able to get your head upside down in the drivers footwell, the module it’s self is only held in by two screws (sorry can’t remember whether it’s screws,torx or bolts. The other thing is removing all the connectors, they are locked in using a little lever type bracket on each of the connectors, once you unclip the bracket just flip it over then the connector will release.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask for further advice if needed.


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