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Afternoon Peeps,

Couple of issues with my car,

I've got a 09 plate 3 door, Fiesta 1.6 petrol ZS and had it for a few years now. I've always had an issue with the rear bumper, the other week it "popped" out of its moorings and is essentially sitting proud of the bodywork on the drivers side. It's recently had an MOT/service and the guys told me that the bumper support bar(?) which the bumper hangs on basically isn't there.... hence why its flapping around in the wind. I cant seem to find the name of said bar (thinking i'll just source and fit myself), Anyone know what this might be called?

Next thing, and apologies if this has been raised as an issue fuel consumption has always been bad on short journeys, i do 6 miles each way as a commute and somehow on my fuel counter, it always drops 20-30 miles. I recently did a drive to Yorkshire and back to Cornwall on two tanks of fuel (452 odd miles each way) happy with consumption, not a problem. Its the short trips that are the issue. I understand that the engine needs to get up to temperature etc. but at the same time, ever since i bought the car, i've always had the red snowflake symbol showing on my dash, no matter what the temperature outside is like.Would that impact fuel consumption, i.e is it telling the engine it's cold and using more fuel or is it simply letting me know its cold outside (even if it is 35 degrees in the height of summer) and thats it?.


Any help would be appreciated :-)

Thanks in advance!

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