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Coolant Loss

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Hi, I have a 2012 Ford Focus petrol 1.6 M1.

I am losing coolant, not much, but about an inch every couple of weeks. My local garage has had a look at it and can't find any leaks whatsoever. He says he's left it running for an hour to see if there are any leaks and there isn't. It's been back to him twice but basically he can't find what the problem is, so I'm here for any suggestions as to what could be causing the coolant loss.Last Saturday I drove to Bristol and back from West Wales and it didn't lose any coolant whatsoever, it seems to be the shorter stop start journeys where the fluid is lost. I don't know if that's significant or not. I've checked the oil stick and cap for any 'milky' appearence as I was told that could indicate a head gasket problem, but that's all fine. Any help would be much appreciated.

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