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Fiesta Lights no tailgate lights

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OK.... I prefer the old cars..

I don't think much of the lights explanation on the manual

I have an 18 plate Ford Fiesta Titanium its done approx 3000 miles

There was a problem with the electrics where, the boot alarm would go off if you did not shut it hard, the interiors lights would not go off, and the electric window would not go up or went in for the faults, and they did a system check reset some electrical system service faults and for the last 3 weeks its all been ok.. at first I thought I had a tail gate problem but perhaps not...

I have recently returned back to work, so am starting to drive in the dark.

On auto, it puts the blooming full beam on, which I did not realise the car would do this, so ended up with loads of people flashing me..

So it tends to put full beam on just before another car appears, so I have to flash it off, but I don't like this facility.

So I found the full circle, where it does not put the full beam on, little did I realise that these are daylight lights, with no tail lights...Never thought that if the front lights came on that they would then not turn the back lights on, lights are lights...

Ok so it turns out the round circle are front lights only, having discovered that now...please help I would like to drive with lights on both front and back in the dark that does not turn the autobeam on, please can someone enlighten me which it is...thankyou



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