When did the newer key come out

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Im about to buy a March 2019 Titanium.  In my local area in the past week, 3 Titaniums have gone missing without the keys.  I read Ford released a key with a mercury switch built in that goes to sleep, when did this come out and how can I tell if my car has it.   I havnt picked it up from the dealer yet, its a Ford Direct car, if need be il make it a condition of the sale that it is sorted.  Any advice please.


See this article


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It was noted as changed in the May 2019 downgrades that Ford did to the Focus range. It may have been changed before this, but I have not seen anything anywhere to say this.

You can disable Keyless entry in the Vehicle Settings, that's what I have done with mine even though I have the new Key Fob. 

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