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Hi All,

          Having a bit of a nightmare with my 66 Reg MK 7 Fiesta Sports Van, it has spent several hours at 2 garages now. The problem is I cant get the powerfold mirror to work in conjunction with the keyfob when locking. I have had 1 mirror replaced and both wing mirror control units replaced, one for each door. No errors come up on the diagnostic computer. The global windows closing on lock with the remote works fine every time. I also get folding mirrors 95% of the time on the drivers side mirrror button, but I am unable to get the mirrors to fold on the remote. Tried everything (turn power fold on off), Disconnected battery to reset ecu, tried folding then unfolding on the mirror button the retry still no, double triple checked setting on the console. The dam mirrors wont powerfold. I dont get why they work on the mirror button but not on the key fob. I have had two garages look at this one was where I brought the car, they gave up after keeping the card for 8 days !!!!. The second garage is a ford specialist garage with all the ford diagnostic and one of the guys did their apprenticeship with ford was with them for over 20 years. Any suggestions gratefully received its driving me mad.

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OK a little update, after disabling powerfold on lock for a few hours I enabled it and it worked twice, then after that the passenger side mirror stayed open while the driver side closed and after that it would not work at all. The passenger side mirror was replaced by the garage I brought the car from so it probably is not genuine ford parts.

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