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Headlight bulb retaining clip

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I had the l/h headlight unit out to investigate a poor beam pattern (bulb was visibly drooping in the mounting as seen from outside). I found that the little spring clip that holds the bulb into the circular mount was missing, and the bulb had been held in position by bits of cardboard and sticky tape, which had started to fall apart.  I have fabricated a new clip out of galv wire which seems to be working OK for the time being, but I would like to have the correct clip if possible. Can these be bought separately, or are they part of the light unit, meaning I would have to get a whole new unit? (In that case, I probably wouldn't as my solution seems to be 'good enough'.) Just wondering.

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I tried to get one for my mondeo some while back ended up at the local scrappy and raided a smashed headlight for the bit.

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