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Missing cat converter on FIesta ST mountune

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Good morning everyone

I am new to the forum, it's a pleasure meeting all of you.

I have have quite a conundrum to solve over here: last year I bought a 2015 Ford fiesta ST mountune and everything was brilliant, I had all the documentation, before I bought the car the MOT was successfully passed and the car was a blast to drive. I brought it to the a garage in town for this year MOT and it turns out my car has been missing it's cat converter all this time and now I am stuck.

The grarage told me it was a professional made job and it is not the first time that they see people removing the cat and just put it back on for MOT purposes, I have contacted everyone I could to have consumer support, but of course I cannot prove beyond any reasonable doubt that I was not the one removing it.

So, I am now left alone to find a solution, as cheap as possible, to solve the issue and my question for you is very simple: would a standard cat for Fiesta ST work on a Mountune exhaust system? I saw you could buy one for just over £100 and would would be good, a Mountune one doesn't go for less than £500.


many thanks


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If you've just got the MP215 map, then a standard cat will be fine, you'll be able to find one cheap on eBay or one of the ST Facebook groups. 

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