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Connecting Ipod To Old-Style Cd Player...


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So here's the deal, I have the standard CD player (6000CD) in my MK5 and I'm perfectly happy with it. It's only missing one thing I would like: an iPod connection. Is it at all possible via the connections at the back to somehow achieve this? I don't want to use an iTrip if possible. Sorry if this is a ridiculous question but I'd rather find a way to do this than change the head unit. Is there some sort of auxiliary connection on it? Thanks. Here is a picture for reference.


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Check out these. All you do it plug into the back of the stereo, run the ipod cable into the glove box and fit the silver box behind the stereo and away you go.

Ipod adaptor

wow that sounds perfect. will it definitely work on the CD player I've got though? It says 6000RDS but annoyingly there are different models.

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Sorry wrong link - this is the 6000CD version

6000CD Version

The link to the manufacturers website is below

Manufacturers website

I used one of these for about a year on my 02 reg focus, that was before I went for an Alpine Ipod stereo so that I could get track information on the screen - the Connects 2 does not support this.

Make sure you read round and comfortable you know what you are getting before you purchase.

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